I haven’t written on here in a while, limiting myself to movies, but that’s by design. I’ve had a busy few weeks, and it only looks to get busier in the coming days. I also haven’t written about politics in a while, but that is an unfortunate byproduct of what I do for a living. Allow me to explain.

In case you either forgot or were unaware, I do IT work for a nonprofit agency down here. That means my salary is paid for by the government. One of the things they told me when I got hired was that they don’t necessarily like employees talking about politics or having political propaganda on our person during working hours. This includes wearing the “I voted” stickers you get when you leave the polls. In fact, they pretty much said don’t do it.

I decided to extend that to my personal life as well. Why? It makes my life easier. I have enough stress in my life as it is; the last thing I need is to add the political wars to that list. Billion dollar Super PACS and mudslinging between candidates can be aggravating, because they appear to be aiming for the lowest common denominator; this includes the name calling and blatant disrespect that’s shown to a sitting U.S. President. That part really disturbs me, and I find it disgusting.

But, that’s another life.

I didn’t discuss politics when I was in the Navy – both Active Duty and Reserves, and I won’t be discussing it anymore now. Hence the reason I’ve stuck with movies and other silly things; I just refuse to live my life in a bubble of annoyance. I have enough of that with my sports teams and my darling, beautiful daughter who thinks 1:00am is the perfect time to play.

Maybe I’ll start it back up if/when I get another job, but that’s another thought for another day.

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