27th Oct2015
Halloween Pro Tip

Halloween Pro Tip

Halloween is upon us, and with this fantastical time of year comes the ritual of adults dressing up in costume as their favorite video game, superheroes, or...

19th Jul2015
Chew on This

Chew on This

I haven’t written here in a minute, but this seems like as good a topic as any to start back. My dear readers, let me pass on...

18th Jun2015
AME red-black-green Sheild


With the events of this unspeakable act of terrorism in Charleston, South Carolina – and let’s be honest, that’s exactly what it is, I stand in unity...

26th Apr2015

Silent Rage

While I was at work last night, one of my cooks showed me a picture his brother sent him. Now, I figured it would be something funny;...

03rd Mar2015
Grow Up!

Grow Up!

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I live in Alabama. With the exception of time I’ve spent in Virginia and Maine, I’ve lived here for my...

14th Nov2014
Comment at Your Own Peril

Comment at Your Own Peril

NOTE: As much as I would like to apologize for not making a lot of posts, I’d be wasting your time and mine. So, my posts are...

12th Aug2014
Robin Williams Michael Young

Robin Williams, Depression, and the Measurement of Grief

While I was at work tonight, one of my co-workers asked me if I had heard that Robin Williams had died. Slackjawed, I replied in the negative,...

22nd May2014
Random Observations

Random Observations

So…it’s been a while¬†since I’ve even looked at this blog. It’s not by design, but I’ve just been incredibly swamped the past few months. So, since I...

07th Feb2014
The gang's all here.

Emerald Ambitions

In 2012, the CW announced they were making a standalone show based on the comic book superhero Green Arrow. Green Arrow was already being portrayed on Smallville...

24th Jan2014


Living through my daughter's first experience with sleet.