Okay, I know the weekend has only just now started – I get that.  And, I know that I said I would only do the weekly recaps on Sundays…actually, I never said when I would do them, but it seemed like Sundays would be a good time to do them.  That being said, the way this week has gone, I need to let the stress out, and instead of going “woo-sah” from that ridiculous Bad Boys sequel (say what you want, that was three shades of Charles Barkley turbl), I’m gonna let it out here.  The benefit for y’all is that you get to read it.

Let me just paraphrase something right quick: I work in a sales department full of two people: me and another guy.  The other guy was out sick all week, and that left the bulk of it all to me.  And, by “the bulk of it,” I mean all of it.  I was literally a one man sales department.

I took every phone call.

I submitted every order.

I answered every question everyone asked, from the bookkeeper to the sales manager to the company president.

I quite literally did it all.

I was okay Monday and Tuesday.  I was starting to feel it on Wednesday.  Yesterday, I was a little burned out.  By lunchtime today, I was defeated.  I was walking around with a slouch and my arms refused to move.  I was too drained to do much of anything.  So, what did I do?  Everything.  I carried the load again, answered the same questions ad nauseum, handled the most difficult of customers, and did it all with a sigh and a scowl…mentally.  I think I was too tired to do it literally.

Anyway, I managed to take care of a lot of things when I got off, and I plan on spending this weekend with a few of my closest friends: Mr. Thomas Crown, Mr. Tony Stark, and the cast of Up.  I also plan on putting this entire week behind me and turning into something of a vegetable.

Hey, I’m due.

Weekend of Relief

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