NOTE: I’m apologizing in advance for if this comes off as convoluted, confused, or otherwise weird.  I’m functioning off of barely five hours of sleep; the reason for which I will explain momentarily.

I know I said I would do a weekly update; I know this.  It’s not like I haven’t wanted to.  Sometimes, there are days when absolutely nothing happens.  Then, there are times where the Earth explodes, and I can’t shut up.  This week started off as one of those, and ended up as something else altogether.

It started off fine; I went back to work after a kick-ass weekend, and I figured the week would be utterly mundane; after all, most of my weeks are utterly mundane.  My timeline usually goes as follows: wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Work is generally boring and micromanaged for no damn reason, then I come home and do one of four things: practice my guitar (still terrible), play a video game, watch TV, or – if I’m feeling particularly creative – I’ll work on one of my two stories.  Monday was a TV day for a little bit, then I got bored and decided to watch paint dry.

That is, until I got the news that almost brought me to tears.  I’m still affected by it, just not as bad as I was before.  No need to rehash it, though; it’s there for reading.

I got an E-Mail, a couple of phone calls, and a meeting that intrigued me and could be very enlightening.  I’m not gonna talk about them yet, because I want to be sure that it actually happens first.  Yes, I know the phrases “speak it into existence” and “claim it in His name,” but I also know the phrase “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”  So, I’m not.  I will say this much, though; a rooster?  Nice touch.

Now, Thursday was newsworthy for a couple of reasons.  First of all, let me say this up front: I’m a wrestling fan.  Yeah, I know it’s scripted and a great deal of it is choreographed, but I don’t care: it’s entertainment for me, and I like it.  Anyway, I hop on the computer after work to find that the WWE – that bastion of integrity and honesty – has released several wrestlers (even though they don’t like that word), including one of my all-time favorites, Mickie James.  I followed her throughout her WWE career, from when she was a psycho heel lusting over Trish Stratus – something guys did anyway – to when she was a bouncing, giggly face performer being called fat for no damn reason by a woman who is about as thick as a mechanical pencil lead.

Seriously, she's not fat.

Anyway, they released her, and that pissed me off; she’s a great worker, and an even better person.  Reading the reason they said they released her is silly in and of itself.  They claim it was because she was holding the bus up on their trip to Europe, as well as her weight.  She’s 5’2” and 125lbs; that’s not fat.

I promise you, she's not fat!

Personally, I think the reason  they released her is because she’s about to start a country music career, and Vince McMahon wants to let her go as a result.  So, that’s fine, Vince; Mickie James was the last reason I kept watching your crappy show – especially after Shawn Michaels retired.  So, guess what, Vince?  I’m gone, too.  Don’t like it?  Kiss my ass.

Sam Bradford, welcome to St. Louis.  And, the ER.Now, Thursday was also the start of the NFL Draft.  The draft usually takes place on the weekend, but they decided to stretch it out over three days, starting Thursday with the first round in prime time, continuing Friday with the second and third rounds in prime time, and culminating with the fourth through seventh rounds on Saturday.  This was purely a ratings grab that was as cheap as it was effective, because it worked.  It most certainly sucked me in.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m a football fan.  I love it, and I hate this time of year when there are no games going on.  I love this time of year for other reasons, but we’re not talking about that right now.  The draft serves two purposes for me: one, it allows me to see whether or not I need to take a hot poker to Daniel Snyder’s eye for making a ridiculously stupid pick (thankfully, I didn’t have to) and to see who gets picked insanely high for no damn reason (Tyson Alualu at 10?  Our Lord and Savior Tim Tebow at 25?  REALLY?!); and two, it gives me a fleeting football fix.  Granted, it’s only minor, but it’ll have to do until the season starts.  Also, UAB QB Joe Webb got drafted in the sixth round by the Minnesota Vikings.  That brought a smile to my face, although the prognosticators were saying it would happen in the fifth.  I don’t care, though; as long as he’s in the league, I’m happy.

Prince will be waiting for you.

Finally, my wife has been having problems with shortness of breath and chest pains.  It got so bad last night that I had to take her to the Emergency Room last night at about 12:30.  She had a really bad cold about a week or two ago, and she may have gotten better, but there were probably some lingering effects from that.  Long story short, it turns out that it may be acid reflux or something similar.  I’m gonna give her some Tylenol and some Pepcid and see if that helps.  I’m just glad it wasn’t anything serious; I don’t know how I’d handle that.

What will this week hold?  Only time will tell, but we’ll see where the ride takes me.

Weekly Wonders

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