So…while I was at work last night, I was thinking about an interaction I had with my daughter. I was sitting on the floor playing with her (probably building houses so she can knock them down), and she started printing at my forehead asking, “What’s that?” I responded, “that’s my forehead, sweetie.” She said okay and then did something peculiar:

She went wide eyed.

We went on playing, then she asked me again, pointing at my forehead again. I told get it was my forehead, and she went wide eyed again. At this point, I’m wondering what this child is doing, because this is a bit odd. Y’know….it’s my forehead. There’s nothing…really…

Then, the light turns on.

She’s looking at the wrinkles in my forehead when I open my eyes wide at her or at what she’s doing. You know when I noticed that in my grandparents? When I was seven. My daughter’s two. If this is what I have to look forward to, this is gonna be a very interesting life.

“What’s that?”
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