So…I haven’t written anything that’s not a movie review link to Project Fandom (if you haven’t seen it yet, go check out Pacific Rim; you’re welcome), but something gained tonight that’s certainly worth sharing.

I’m a fan of the Canadian Football League; I find the games entertaining and sometimes high scoring. As I’m watching the finale of tonight’s game between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Montréal Alouettes, I find myself trying to urge the Eskimos to hurry down the field to get the game winning touchdown. I’m not a fan of either team (I root for the Saskatchewan Roughriders), but if the Als lose, I’m happy (as an aside, if you’re looking for Dan Hawkins, the man who rose to prominence with the Boise State Broncos before going to Colorado and stinking up the joint, he’s in Quebec). Anyway, I’m shouting “Go! Go!” at the TV and making the hurry up motion with my hands, when I suddenly hear the following sound to my right:

“Go! Go!”

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the sound of my two year old daughter mimicking my words to a T.

As the Eskimos run the penultimate play and get stopped at the goal line, I’m really shouting at the them now. “Hurry up!” I’m yelling, and my doppelganger follows in kind. “Hurry up!” The game ends on an inexplicably called draw play that loses yardage and the game is over. My wife tells me that not only was our daughter repeating after me, she was also mimicking my actions. So, with that in mind, I have to be extra careful when I’m watching football the rest of the year. Can’t have my baby girl pick up bad habits.

All I have to do now is teach her to say “Go Blazers!,” “Hail!,” and “Anchors Aweigh”. Shouldn’t be too hard.

One Proud Papa
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