Let me get this out of the way now, before I completely go off the rails: I am not a journalist.  I’m a blogger.  I have no journalistic rules to follow.  I can let fly whatever I feel the need to, and I do it not out of malice, but out of the need to get some things off my chest.  I choose to follow some of the laws of journalism because I feel it’s the right thing to do in certain aspects.  I may let some mean-spirited things fly, but it’s not because I hate her; I have no real hate for no one.  I let them fly because I’m being cantankerous, and it’s cathartic.  Never in anything I write will you find me calling anyone a racist name.  The only reason I’d even mention that would be if I were quoting someone.  It would never come out willingly.  Thank you for your time, and your readership.

Okay……*deep breath*

This is a subject that I had no prior knowledge of until today.  One of the many podcasts I listen to is a podcast called “Let’s Do This!!!” It’s a part of a movie and video game review website called Spill.com, and the entire site is full of goodness.  I highly recommend anyone interested in either movies or video games or just interested in entertaining conversations altogether, should check it out.  But, enough of the commercial for Spill.com.  The latest episode of Let’s Do This!!! pointed out an article that was…well..disturbing.

K-Pop star Jenny Hyun was filled with rage by the following tweet by boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather:

Her response?  Well…let’s just say she didn’t begin a twitter tirade in response to Mayweather lightly.


As much as I would like to dissect this piece by piece, it would be time consuming, and quite frankly, she’s not worth that much of my time.  Something has served to make me laugh, though; this following portion:




Your conclusion may be unbiased, but your maturity level is low.  My daughter is more mature than you are, and she isn’t even a year old yet!  It’s like this…you don’t pull out every racist tirade in the book, up to and including the genocide of an entire group of people!  FOR ONE IDIOT!

Also, I don’t really think posting this meme on your website is going to garner you a whole lot of support from anyone:

Neither are your non-apologies:

You don’t regret what you said?  Cool. I don’t regret writing and posting this blog as a retort.  Sure, violence isn’t the answer, but at least you’re not saying that people are infringing on your Freedom of Speech rights, because they’re exercising the same rights themselves.

As am I.

Look…Floyd Mayweather doesn’t speak for the entire black race, just like I don’t think you speak for all Koreans.  If you two want to go into an insane death match against each other, be my guest.  But, please don’t lump everyone into the same tub of shit just because you don’t agree with one festering imbecile.  Take your frustrations out on him…not on everyone else.

Hopefully, she’ll take her own words to heart:

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