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We all have vices in our lives. Some are good and some are bad. It’s almost like they’re tricky little demons. There are times when you can’t shake the habit, and there are times where you can pick it up and drop it anytime you want. That’s how I am with my vice.

What is that, pray tell?

My vice is alcohol. Specifically, I like to have a drink every now and then.

I started when I was on Active Duty. Everyone has heard of the drunken, cussin’ sailor, and I was half of that. I didn’t really drink until my 21st birthday. I remember a bit of that…fairly well, actually.

It was while my ship was being built in Maine. My division was planning on getting me wasted on my birthday, and I was happy to oblige. To be honest, we didn’t really do a whole lot as a group – well, there were a couple of us that were left out, but they did plenty as a group. Anyway, they planned it out, and I was ready to go for it.

We went to the base bar, and they fed me a steady diet of liquor. Amaretto, rum, whiskey…you name it, I had it. Then, they introduced me to tequila. I think I had like three shots, but I’m not sure; I always get a little hazy at that point.

It then took me about a year and a half to remember what happened next; this is why I’ll never drink tequila again. Anyway, the answer? Nothing. One of the guys walked me back to my room, and I went to sleep. Funny thing is, I didn’t get a hangover. In fact, it would be about two years before I had my first hangover, and that was in Israel. That is another story for another day.

Like I said above, I don’t mind having a drink or two every now and then, and I do know how to stop drinking. The question is, when will that happen? Hopefully, not for a very long time. Anything in moderation is a treat; anything in excess is gluttony. I don’t see myself going to the gluttonous stage.

At least, that’s the plan…

How About a Drink?
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