NOTE: This is part two on what I plan on being a three part series on Politics in America.  It isn’t meant to be a slam on one party in particular; it’s meant to be a slam on all of them.

Also, I’m willing to have a serious conversation with anyone who disagrees with me; after all, that’s healthy.  However, if all you’re gonna do is slam me and insult me and my intelligence, then don’t bother.

I have a problem.

I like to consider myself an even keeled person.  I don’t hate any one person for any cosmetic reason.  I don’t hate people who have so many shots of Botox that their face can’t move.  I don’t hate women who turn their breasts into their own personal flotation devices.  I don’t hate people who are of a different race, creed, color or nationality than me.  If I hate you, then there has to be a pretty damn good reason for me to do so.  More often than not, I hate stupid people.

Now, before people decide to get all riled up in a tizzy, let me explain.

I don’t mean the uneducated; some of those can’t help their situations.  I don’t hate them.  In fact, I feel sorry for them.  What I mean by stupid people are those who make up their minds on little tidbits that they hear from their respective news outlets (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC), instead of researching the issues themselves and making up their minds from there.  I also hate those who think that they are superior to everyone else based on their race, creed, color or nationality.  Now, THAT pisses me off.  If you’re gonna hate me, do it for something logical.

Hate me because I slept with your best friend.

Hate me because I took the last cookie.

Hate me because I told you that your report looks like it was done by a three year old.

Don’t hate me because of the color of my skin or the part of the country I’m from.  To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Don’t judge me by the color of my skin; judge me by the content of my character.”  If my character is flawed to you, then by all means…judge and hate me to your hearts content.  Until then, the most I can hope for is that you respect me.

I said all of this to say that I have a massive problem with the Tea Party movement.  These people are generally made up of birthers, Birchers, vaccine-deniers, militiamen and secessionists.  These are people who decide to make the President up to be akin to either Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, The Joker, or Mao Zedung.  These are the people who refuse to believe that the President was born in America just because of his name.  These are the people who want to impeach the President for…I’m not sure why they want to impeach the President, but they do.  These are the people who hate Big Government and wasteful spending, but their Keynote speaker is…Sarah Palin.

Oh, and don’t get me started on former Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo.  This is the “genius” who said – and I quote: ” People who could not even spell the word “vote” or say it in English—put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House.  His name is Barack Hussein Obama.”  Tom, this sort of thinking was basically shuttled into the backwoods regions of the country in…oh, I’ll say about 1968.  Give it a rest, and go find some other outlandish tree to bark up.

Now, I asked this question a while ago, and no one could answer it.  In fact, I’m STILL waiting for someone to answer it.  The question is, do most of you who call someone a socialist or a communist know the definition of the words?  Seriously?  Or, are you just saying it because Sarah Palin and her ilk like to say it like it’s tantamount to a powerful orgasm?

Which brings me to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  Mrs. Palin likes to eke out anger, disdain, and outrage when it suits her purposes, but will simply let it slide when it’s anyone else.  Case in point, in a private conversation, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said something was “retarded.”  Well, this leaked out into the public – as things of this sort usually do, and Sarah Palin had a fit.  She called him insensitive and demanded his resignation.  Bear in mind, he only said this once.  On the other hand, Rush Limbaugh said it at least four times the next day.  Sarah Palin said nothing.  Oh, her spokesperson put out some half-hearted  response, but where was the sturm und drang about when Mr. Emanuel said it?  Are you scared of Rush?

Once again, I’m a fairly reasonable person.  I can listen to logic and reasoning, and make a fair assumption from there.  What I can not do – and WILL NOT DO – is sit here and let you feed me crap and tell me it’s chocolate.  I’m not dense.  So, for those of you who follow this nonsensical crap that this “movement” is spewing, do the rest of us a favor: go find yourself a nice island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, migrate there, and leave the rest of us alone.

We’ll thank you for it later.

Tea’d Off

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