I have several flaws that I’m not afraid to mention. I have no tact, I’m brash, and I’m something of an asshole. Normally, I can reign this in when I need to – like when I’m at work, but when I’m tired, I’m 10 times worse than I normally am, and I don’t have the ability to turn on the safety valve.

Tonight, I am incredibly exhausted, and that’s primarily because I’m working on getting back to 100% from being down and out for about 3 weeks. I’m getting better, but I still have issues with a nagging cough. Anyway, I’m still working on getting all of my sleep in, but it hasn’t been easy. As such, I’ve been irritable as a result, and I take those frustrations out on whoever is near me at the moment.

Unfortunately, the one who I decided to take it out on was my wife. I didn’t mean to, but I kinda snapped. I should’ve known better, but I couldn’t hit that failsafe in time. I didn’t erupt on her, but I did answer her questions pretty curtly, taking no stock in her feelings. I apologized, she accepted, and all is well. Doesn’t change matters, though.

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is forthcoming. At least, I THINK thankfully is the right word to use. We shall see…

Mr. Cranky

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