Today, I celebrate my six year wedding anniversary.  I am incredibly grateful that we’ve managed to make it this long, because of the exorbitant divorce rate in this country.  Grated, most people expect marriages to be incredibly easy, but they’re a lot of work.  Thankfully, the work pays off in spades.

All night, I wondered what would be the best way to describe what happened on that spring day in May.  That being said, I think my wife’s words are better suited for this than mine.  So, these are her words, with the only edits being those to make the narrative flow smoothly.

Without further ado, here we go:

Well, a few details about the wedding: It was Fairytale/Princess/Cinderella themed. Not that I tried to plan it that way. I just went with what was in my heart & soul, and then I all of a sudden realized that my wedding plans sounded like something out of a Fairytale or Cinderella story.

It took place at a 19th Century Mansion. It was on a Thursday (weeknight weddings are in because of lower costs). We gave out wedding CDs with 15 love songs (which the guest absolutely adored). Wedding Fans, and showed a slide show during the reception.

My Husband serenaded me after the ring exchange (The guest can’t stop talking about this either). And I surprised the guests by making my entrance to the wedding via horse-drawn carriage. The guests were in awe, and really loved our wedding.

Weather predictions for my wedding day were “Heavy Thunderstorms”…….so I was very very upset the week of the wedding. Everyone, my family and the vendors, were concerned about the weather. I was extremely upset and worried that the weather would ruin my outside wedding.

I had never been so stressed or worried about the weather in my life.

The rehearsal was very windy and gloomy. The weather, the sky looked horrible. It was obvious that a bad storm was coming. Thank God it poured down after the rehearsal, and not on my wedding day. God is so good.

**********The wedding day**********

Well, after waking up on and off all throughout the night, I woke up for good at about 8:00 am. The sun was trying it’s best to shine. I was still worried about the weather predictions, but I let it all go as I began to pray for a Beautiful, Sunshine day. Every chance I got, I prayed for sunshine.

9:30am Went to the nail shop, was feeling great until the weather people on TV said “Well the sun may be shining now, but it will storm later on today. We can expect thunderstorms and lightning later on this evening”

Well my wedding was later on that evening, and I was like, I’m not listening to them. I just continued to pray. With the wedding a few hours away I had no time to worry.

Later on I went to pick up my bouquet, got my hair done (a simple hair style)….

So my parents and I are on our way to the mansion, we are a few blocks away from the mansion and I see the horse and carriage. I was like “there it is, there it is, they are waiting on me.” It was really hard to believe that this was the day I had constantly thought about and fantasized about for so long. (8 months of planning, LOL)

And then the magic began, when we arrived at the mansion, I saw the white wooded padded chairs that I wanted so badly. I didn’t expect the chairs to be there so early, not only were they set out at the angle I wanted, they were decorated with gold and white tulle bows. It was so exciting for me.

The patio was set up so nicely. There were elegant white cloths, and candles. As I got out of the car, I began to feel like a queen. I was no longer nervous, or worried about the weather…..

There were so many people working and setting things up. I had visited the mansion so many times for walk throughs and meetings. But the mansion was a totally different place today. As I walked in the mansion, I was like, “I am here! It’s my wedding day! This place belongs to me today!” I felt like a queen!

Some of the people there were surprised that I was NOT nervous.

I went upstairs to get dressed, and my wedding dress was all ready for me.

The picture-taking began and I had a great time with my photographer and assistant photographer.

When we went down stairs for pictures, we went into the double parlor and I saw my cake and other decorations for the first time. I was in awe! The royal blue and gold looked elegant and marvelous.

As we were on the porch, the assistant photographer began asking questions about the ceremony, such as where will I make my entrance. I calmly nonchalantly said “Oh I’m coming out in horse and carriage”……Can you believe it, she fell to her knees and said Oh My God. Did you hear that (to the photog) that has always been my dream. She was extremely excited. A lot of women said it’s been their dream to marry at this mansion, so I feel like a had a dream wedding in many ways.

We wrapped up pictures and it was close to 5pm meaning my wonderful husband and the groomsmen were about to arrive.

I went upstairs and have no idea what I did. I’m blank on this one….

Next thing I know is that it was time for my father and I to go to the horse and carriage. After all, it was 5:40pm, the wedding was to start in 20 minutes. We had to figure out how to get me into the van without most of the guests, and most importantly without my husband seeing me.

Well a good friend took my husband to the store to be sure he wouldn’t see me. Thanks God because by this time I was running around looking for my dad. We have a 20 room mansion here, plus the patio and grounds, so it was hard for everyone to keep up. I’m walking around with money (to pay them), my bouquet, cell phone, and I’m so nervous hoping that I don’t see my groom.

Dad and I finally make it to the van that will take us to the horse and carriage. I duck down so that the wedding guests cant see me, remember, the horse carriage entrance is a surprise to the guest.

We make it there and the carriage is all so beautiful. The owner goes over some logistics with me. And then we start chit chatting.

The carriage man tells me that he was worried about the weather, and I am like “Whew”. No one has an idea how worried I was. But the sun was now shining, & my dress was so white & beautiful in the sun. The wind was blowing, it was really blowing, but I didn’t care about the wind. I was loving every minute of it, I was just so glad that it didn’t rain.

As I sat in the carriage and took pictures, I was no longer feeling like a Queen, I began to feel like an Angel. It was so magical. I was so Happy. As the sun rays beamed down on me, I just kept saying “Thank you lord.”

I felt like God was really there to tell me, “sister you deserve this beautiful day. I am here for you and did not let it rain on your day.” I just felt so heavenly and grateful to the lord.

Now I had always knew that people would “look”. Hey this was rush hour traffic, you have a bride and her dad sitting in a carriage, LOL I knew people would Look and stare. But I honestly didn’t think people would take as much interest as they did.

One woman hollered out of her car window “You look so Beautiful Girl”…..

Most people would wave and blow their horns, and holler out their cars “Congratulations”…..

I remember the limousine driver, he almost ran off the road trying to wave to me.

It was all fabulous! I felt a little famous, LOL.

The wedding started at 6pm SHARP!! WOW. I give mad props to our bridal party for starting on time. Especially since we had 2 toddler flower girls. Way to go guys for starting at 6pm sharp!!

I’m constantly calling an assistant asking “what’s going on, is it time for me to make my entrance.”…..It was so weird, knowing that a few blocks from here, my beautiful dream wedding is taking place.

We finally got the phone call to come!!! It was time! As the carriage took off, man you know, that horse was going fast. It had to blend in with the traffic, it’s a good thing the horse was properly trained because there was a lot of traffic.

Well people young, old, black and white, were continuing to smile, wave, & blow their horns.

I felt like such an Angel. I remember the sound of the horse shoes hitting the street. I couldn’t believe it was real. I said “Dad, isn’t this just wonderful” or some word I used. He nodded and smiled “Yes”. (My dad is really quiet & has a heart of gold)

I remember passing this car full of little girls . They were looking so surprised & amazed. You know how kids are! As I waved to the little girls, I remember thinking, “Now when you grow up, I want you to do the same thing on your wedding day”…..

Well, I was close enough to hear the music playing. We were now going in opposite direction of the traffic and had to make a U-turn. The policeman (that I hired) was there, right on time, to Stop the TRAFFIC.

It was so cool how he got out of his car, and made the gesture for the traffic to stop. And they stopped. And it was a marvelous moment. Traffic stopped for me!!!!!! It was marvelous, and yes, might I add, I felt like true Royalty.

Oh my God, the music is playing. I see my husband and wedding party. I tell my dad “Oh my God. Look at my husband, I can’t believe this” Oh my God.

Trust me when I tell you that there are no words to express how I felt when I saw my husband standing up their with his military uniform on waiting on Me. Waiting on his Wife. Waiting on his Queen!!!!!

That moment is what I had fantasized and envisioned since we started wedding planning. And oh my god, to have that moment come true. Whew! Lord. Joy unspeakable is all I can say.

So as the carriage is pulling into the circular drive way, there is a whole family of people on the lawn waving and smiling. I have no idea who they are. I suppose they were a family who decided to pull their car over to watch the carriage pull in. Well, I waved and smiled back, they were so delighted to see me, but I don’t know who they were.

Finally, we stop. And you know, my dress is humongous, and the step to get out of the carriage is so tiny. But hey I was so excited, once my dad got out, it’s like I jumped up, I couldn’t see where I was stepping and there were a lot of people around me to help me, saying be careful. Man, I was just ready to get out and walk down the aisle. I was so excited.

So, Dad and I walk across the lawn, which will take us to the aisle. When we got to the aisle, I made eye contact with several guests. I will never forget their smiling faces. The wind was blowing my veil hard.

And the guests stood up on the most powerful part of the song. “And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord”…My guests stood up, I was like, Oh My God. It was so powerful. And I felt like I was floating down the aisle. Again. Words can’t express.

I still cry or get a lump in my throat when I think about this, and the song, “The Lord is my Shepherd”

We got to the end of the steps, the preacher was talking, and I looked at my bridesmaids. they looked great. Those tiaras, colorful bouquets, and Victorian gold dresses. They looked marvelous.

Then my husband was coming down the steps to get me, I got a little nervous because I had to go up the stairs, but it worked out fine. The ceremony went on, I remember being nervous during the ring exchange because I could not tell left or right at this time, i was so nervous.

After the ring and vows, of “I do”… was time for my husband to sing. He wouldn’t let me know the name of the song until he sung it. And he could not have chosen a more perfect song.

I was nervous, but I listened to those words, and started swaying back and forth. I wanted to look out to the crowd and say “Do ya’ll Hear this” LOL. I will never forget when he sang “And girl you ain’t seen nothing yet”..I was like Oh yeah, I know we have some wonderful things in store for us. He sung “I do” by Boyz2Men….”Girl I Promise you, I do”…..

After the kiss and presentation of the newlyweds, my husband and I got in the carriage for pictures, a kiss, and a champagne toast.

And the song was playing, the wedding march, Lord I love that song!

The carriage man really enjoyed our wedding because he did something we did not discuss and something he usually doesn’t do. He made the DJ stop the music and made a speech to us. He told the guest to salute us, and some other things he said, and he was so genuinely happy for us.

After he gave his lovely speech, I looked out at the guest and it’s like I can feel their happiness. I remember feeling like I loved them all & Thanks for coming.

We waved as the carriage took off, we enjoyed our 1st few moments as newlyweds, while our guests went inside and waited for the reception to begin.

During the carriage ride, 1st I noticed that that was the best champagne I had ever had in my life. We were so happy. We Were like “we did it”. Oh my God we were so glad it was over.

The carriage man talked about how much he enjoyed our wedding, and said we should be proud.

Then there was this car with some men in it, trying to get a picture of us. They couldn’t quite get the picture, so they stop in front of the horse, one guy gets out, and then finally gets a picture of us. He told us “Congratulations” or something like that…..Well I’m glad he got his picture LOL, because he irritated the horse. Anyway, I remember holding my champagne, feeling like an Queen/Angel with my King, my Hero sitting next to me, on this beautiful Thursday Spring Evening. And what did I say to him as I held my champagne…I said “God is Good”!!!!

After that it was time for pictures, our first dance, father/daughter, mother/son. We ate a few bites of food, we were really too excited to eat.

I let it all absorb in. The reception was lovely,…..we ended the night with a slide show.

As we got into our getaway car to take us to the hotel, as we passed by the mansion, I looked back at it and the lights were shining on it. I was like “WOW” how magical. I couldn’t believe what had just taken place there. I don’t even know why I looked back, but I did, and to see the lights shining on it, was just a perfect way to end a perfect day.

For the next 4 days I was so extremely happy and overjoyed and still glowing. Still on cloud 9 tee nine. On the honeymoon, in Disney, I remember thinking “I must have done something really pleasing to God. He must be really Happy with me in order to have Blessed me with all of this.”

I will leave you with a quote that my best friend of 13 years said on our videotape: She said “Congratulations…I Love you, and I hope you have the Best Marriage Ever.”

What a Beautiful things to say. Well my best friend, we have certainly had the best marriage anyone could ever ask for. All Glory to God.

So, there you have it.  Six years in, and it’s been a roller coaster ride from day one.  I wouldn’t change a thing, though.  Not a one.

A Wedding Story
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