I’ve had a really good run of bad luck with fantasy football.

As I do every season for the past ten years (more or less), I play fantasy football. I do this every year, knowing that I’m going to be inherently terrible and possibly finish near or at the bottom. I don’t do it to win anything, although it would be nice. This year I had teams in three leagues, and – as of today – my seasons have gone as follows:

AKAVSBFM Fantasy Football

The Starfleet Academy Cadets came into this season wistful and hoping to knock some heads. The regular season ended with the Cadets taking a 7-6 record into the playoffs. After an upset win over opening round opponent Alabama Ass Whuppin’, the Cadets fell to Mike’s Maritime Men 66-39. I would’ve lost that game anyway, regardless of leaving Danny Amendola on the bench. Why did I leave him on the bench? Because he missed about three straight games this season, and I figured he’d miss yet another one. Oops. At least I have the third place game to look forward to next week.

Bad Boyz 4 Life

The Gryffindor Lions were an amazing disaster. The Lions went 0-10 to start the season, and ended with a 2-11 record, thanks in no small part to Matthew Stafford’s ineptitude to get the ball to Calvin Johnson. The playoffs were even worse, where I couldn’t even win the 11th Place Game. Just abysmal all around. Maybe next year I’ll…yeah, right. At least my loss ensures the league will exist for at least one more season due to a bet I made with my best friend to see who’d have the worst season. Maybe I can go double or nothing next year; whaddya say?

BlazerTalk II

This was a new one for me. The Legion came in as newcomers to the league, and wound up finishing in second place with a 9-4-1 record, despite the lackluster efforts of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson (again; damn Madden Curse!). Then, the playoffs came, and The Legion was one and done for the championship crown. I have a semifinal game in the consolation bracket, so I’m fighting for that one.

So, outside of the disaster that was Bad Boyz 4 Life, I did okay this season, with two games left to go, and the possibility for one more.

We’ll see how that works out for me.

Fantasy Follies

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